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Highlight of Isope Provence Essential Oils

Isope Provence... A young company with major challenges:

- Perpetuate the family tradition of more than 60 years,

- Highlight Essential Oils produced with respect for people and the environment.

The story began in 1960 when our father, a young farmer, bought an old farm in the village of his youth. The lavender plantations have begun, coloring this little corner of Provence , arid but so typical plateau.

In the summer, it was the big parade: tractors everywhere, lavender cutters who never looked like they needed a vacation, and us little ones woke up early to help our father load the lavender sprays onto the trailer before leaving for the distillery.

My memories as a little girl remain intact: long days bathed in sunshine, bright colors, multicolored butterflies, strong smells of flowers, the color of the sky, etc.

Today, things have changed a little. The methods are more modern and the working conditions are a bit less hard, but nature has not changed. In July, it's always the waltz of lavender cutters and tractors that turn to respect the cutting cycle. Young farmers, those brave superheroes, continue to carry on this tradition.

If I can't share with you the olfactory or artistic emotion, I try to make you live these moments with a touch of nostalgia and a lot of passion. And of course, I can offer you quality products, witnesses of a French know-how that smells of our beautiful Provence.

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