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100% pure and natural
Essential Oils

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Isope Provence offers 100% pure and natural Essential Oils, from 1 Kg to Tons to perfumers, pharmacists, industrials, cosmetic makers, aromatherapy professionals and more.


These essential oils (Lavandula, Oregano, Sage, Thyme….) are mainly produced by family and neighbors in the South of France, Provence, but also from local producers abroad.


With over 60 years of experience, all products offered by Isope Provence come from a real family patrimony.


The distillation process, practiced by local “distillers” using steam to get 100% pure and natural Essential Oils, has remained the same since centuries (imported by Arabia in Century IX)


All of our suppliers and workers use production processes that respect traditions and the environment. When shopping with us, you can ensure that you are shopping ethically.


We handle all of the logistics side of the business, for both domestic and international orders, making it hassle-free for you! as well as all required documents.

Our Story

Having grown up in the south of France in a very special and beautiful area called Provence, the founder, Evelyne, has always had a passion for nature. Despite having studied a Bachelor of Business in the French Riviera, Nice, and working for International Companies for 40 years, it was during the COVID-19 lockdown that she realised that the small voice in her head and the love for her land never left her. That is exactly when Isope Provence was born.

Evelyne Bes Isope Provence France

"My commitment is simple. I do everything possible to help local famers value their quality product, limiting intermediaries and communicating their attachment to their terroir, in the pure respect of traditions and environment."

 Evelyne BES

Hyssop Isope Provence Essential Oils

Why this name? What does it mean?

We wanted a name representative of the beautiful flowers of Provence. Our first thought was “Hysope”, like the new crops my brother harvests. The name was however existing, so we decided “Isope Provence” suited better instead.

Isope Provence


generation to generation

For more than 60 years, our family has cultivated lavender and other plants to obtain Essential Oils. Ditto for the surrounding farms. It is reassuring to see that, while the world is moving fast, very fast, transmission from generation to generation is respected. Machines and processes evolve but the attachment of these men for their land and their passion remain intact.

Isope Provence History
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