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Our Story
Est. 2022

Evelyne grew up in the south of France in the very special and beautiful area of Provence, amongst olive trees, garrigue and lavender crops. This place, where her parents and brothers have always been living, has been an amazing play land for these kids of countryside.

Analyst Isope Provence Evelyne

However, the love for her land and that little voice in Evelyne's head never left her. It was during the COVID-19 lockdown that Evelyne had time to think about her true passion and speak to her family about her dream.

Lavender Field Isope Provence

Passionate by nature and the constantly changing seasons with its colors and smells, Evelyne completed her studies in horticulture as well as gained a Bachelor of Business in Nice (French Riviera, where she is still living). This brought her to work in major international companies for many years.

Lavender Isope Provence

Isope Provence

That is when 

was born.

Lavender Fields Isope Provence

Isope Provence sells Essential Oils, mainly produced by David, who is continuing the family farm as well as the neighbors' ones close by, whom are also cultivating traditional crops, conventionally or organically. The most known are Lavandin Grosso, Lavandin Super, Lavandula Maillette, Diva but also Rosemary, Provencal Cypress, Thyme Thyanol, Oregano and Hyssop.

Productions are both traditional and organic.

Lavender Isope Provence Essential Oils


Ensure high quality with traceability.



Limit intermediaries to enhance the daily work of these producers that pursue traditional crops.


Provide all required documents (Security list, Technical list, Certificates).


Contribute to the development of this nice area while keeping its agricultural wealth.

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